Friday, March 18, 2011

Wednesday's Preschool Visits

Hi all!  We have been so busy we haven't had much time to blog!
On Wednesday we went to two rural preschools in the southern part of Trinidad.  The first preschool had two head teachers and about twenty children.  The children were lively and seemed to be enjoying their day!  While we were there they learned about circles.  They were drawing them and cutting them out.  Behind this preschool was a home for children who cannot live with their parents.  It was built by money that had been made through fundraising.  Hearing the history of the preschool and the home was very interesting.  After this preschool visit we went to a home in the area (where Dr. Roopnarine has been staying) and made lunch with the family.  Then we ventured off to another preschool in the south.  We didn't spend as much time there but we got to talk to the director about inclusion being introduced to Trinidad schools.
We also went to a reception with students and faculty from Texas A&M.  This is where we met the principal of the University of West Indies.  We had refreshments and took pictures with the principal.  It was nice to learn about the school and the agriculture of the area.  Many global interactions are being planned for the future between Trinidad and the US.

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