Sunday, March 13, 2011

Maracas Bay and Bake & SHARK!!

Today we ventured out to Maracas Bay after one of the Bed and Breakfast owners recommended a driver, Laurel, for us.  Laurel was a very knowledgeable and informative about the island and the culture!  On the way to Maracas, we drove through a colorful village with many fruit vendors.  We laid on the beach, soaked up the sun, took a dip in the ocean, got a massage, and enjoyed the extremely hot weather!  Then, we went to the famous Richard's Bake and Shark where we had delicious SHARK sandwiches!  Surprisingly, the shark tasted like chicken.  There were many condiments to choose from, and the locals generally put all condiments on their sandwiches.  On the way back down from the mountain we stopped at "Trini Treats" on the side of the road where we got sugar cake, fudge, plantain chips, and other local sweets that Laurel helped us pick out!

Other than that, Tamara has been proposed to 3 times in 3 days.. We'll see what the number gets up to by the end of the trip!

Us girls are going to go lime now, catch ya tomorrow!!

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