Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Preschool Visit (and other stuff)

Yesterday we went to the preschool at the University of the West Indies!  It is very similar to BMW at SU. The children and staff were very friendly.  We met with the director of the school (Diane) who gave us a lot of information on what academics and preschools are like in Trinidad.  We have learned so much about the government and academics through our meetings with staff and students.  There are many parallels to how children learn in the US and Trinidad.
Today we sat in on an intro to psychology class.  Surprisingly, the lecture was taught in the same manner we are taught at SU.  The professor had a powerpoint set up and went through the slides and discussed them just as you would see in a class at SU.  We also met with the dean of the School of Education.  Although we didn't meet with her for long we touched on things we have talked about with other professors such as the government, education, education funds, academics, history of Trinidad & Tobago, etc.  All of these meetings have a lot of information in them so we are trying our best to soak it all in and remember as much as we can.
Of course we still can't complain about the hot and sunny weather! :-)

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