Friday, March 18, 2011

Children's Psych Centre, Snorkeling Adventure

Hi Everyone!!

So today was our last day in Tobago and the last day of our entire trip.  This morning we headed over to a Child and Youth Psych Centre where we met with three very informative women.  At this meeting, we discussed the centre's history, the services offered, the current government, and other issues that impact the centre's operation.

After visiting the centre, we went back to Pigeon Point to begin our snorkeling adventure!  We took a speed boat along the coast of the island and finally stopped at one reef where we put on our snorkeling gear (flippers, life vests, snorkeling masks) and hopped in the water to see many colorful fish and sea urchins.  After stopping at this reef, we hopped back into the boat, cruised around for a bit and stopped at two more reefs along the coast.  After visiting these reefs, we had extra time so our captain offered to throw the anchor down and let us relax on the boat for a while before heading to the Nylon Pool in the middle of the ocean.  This "pool" was a spot in the ocean where you could stand and the water would only come up to about your waist!  Finally, we headed back to shore and did some more souvenir shopping.

Tonight we are going to watch the SU game (GO CUSE!!) and lime a bit before we have to wake up at 5:00am for our flight to Trinidad so we can head back to NY!

Hope everyone has enjoyed following our blog over the course of our trip!  See you all soon!!


  1. where may I ask, in Trinidad and Tobago is this child and youth psych centre located?

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