Saturday, March 12, 2011

Trinidad Adventures

The Bed & Breakfast we are staying in is very comforting.  We have made it our little home for the week.  Breakfast in the morning is excellent and the rooms are very nice.  I definitely can't complain about the sun shining through the window every morning at 6am!
We have had some long days adventuring here in Trinidad.  Tamara has told you about the informative UWI visit we had on Friday.  The University is a great experience.  It is very similar to the United States.  Talking to students who are from different cultures but studying the same type of major is entertaining and informative.
Today we traveled most of the island.  We went to the nature center which had some great scenery!  We saw many species of birds, plants, and interestingly enough, dogs!  We had a nice lunch in the nature center and continued our venture through the mountains after eating lunch.  We had some time to explore one of the beaches near the bottom of the mountain.  Nothing beats being in the sun, sand, and ocean!

This is the front of the Bed and Breakfast we are staying at in Trinidad!

This is a photo of the livingroom area of our Bed and Breakfast here in Trinidad!

Here is a picture of some lizard-type creature we saw at the Nature Center in the mountains!

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