Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our day with the little wigglers

"I'm Harry Potter, and this is Ron."
"There's a spider in this rock"
"Let's go watch a movie and get the dragon. He breathes fire."
      ^These are only some of the hilarious quotes that came out from our visit to a Trinidad preschool.

We were welcomed with open arms!

Some of us spend the day at the UWIFDCRC (University of West Indies - Family Development and Children's Research Centre). We had an absolutely fantastic time observing and interacting with who we call the little wigglers (also known as preschoolers).

 Here is a video of some of the older preschooler's doing some dancing.

Kate kickin' it with the kids during free outside playtime. 

Some students took the time to collaborate and paint us a picture.  Mary Kish (also know as  Mother Mary) assured us she would hang it in her office.
We were very fortunate for this opportunity and we look forward to returning in the future! A big thanks to the staff of UWIFDCRC for hosting us.

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